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We trust the power of the Algorand ecosystem and believe our community. Join us and stay safe!

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How To Buy Pizza? 💰

PIZZA will be listed on DEXs and AMMs. We may soon be listed on CEXs!

  • Create an Algorand Wallet (we recommend PeraAlgo Wallet or MyAlgo).
  • Convert funds to ALGO on a centralized exchange (Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, etc).
  • Send ALGO to your wallet address.
  • Now you can easily swap $ALGO for $PIZZA.
  • Congratulations, you are now part of the Pizza Family. 🍕

Pizza Tokenomics 🍕

PIZZA has been distributed as follows. You can also check token shares from sites like AlgoExplorer.

Pizza ($PIZZA)

Decimals: 6

Total Supply (100%)

Burn (30%)

Ecosystem (20%)

Liquidity (15%)

Airdrop (10%)

DEX (10%)

Marketing (10%)

Team (5%)

* Ecosystem wallet contains farming/staking rewards and tokens to be distributed to the community.

Stake/Farm & Earn 🚜

You can earn PIZZA by staking/farming. Buy PIZZA and deposit it into the staking/farming pool. We will be glad to distribute ecosystem wallet to holders.

  • Buy Now! You can buy $PIZZA from the DEX markets we have listed for now.
  • Deposit your $PIZZA into the staking/farming pool. Check the button below.
  • Earn! Earn $PIZZA by staking/farming. Don't forget to visit the platform.

PizzaSlice NFT 💎

NFTs allow brands to create unique experiences without being restricted to traditional formats. Here are some things we will do with our official NFT collection:

  • Rewards

Roadmap 🛣️

What PIZZA has done, what will do, you can check here. This section will be updated frequently. Stay tuned!

✓ Branding

✓ Tokenomics & Roadmap

✓ Website active

✓ Snapshot

✓ NFDomains

✓ DEX Presale

✓ Listed on DEX

✓ PeraWallet Verification

✓ AlgoExplorer Verification

✓ First Liquidity

✓ Airdrop Phase 1

✓ Farming/Staking

✓ NFT Collection

✓ Listed on LiveCoinWatch

BEX Integration

NFT Staking Platform

Listed on CoinGecko

Airdrop Phase 2

✓ Big Burn Event #1 (April)


Asset Extension

Big Partnerships

LP on AMMs

Big Burn Event #2 (July)

Listed on CEXs

Listed on CoinMarketCap

Payment Method

Big Burn Event #3 (October)